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Full Version: New RPG Map Developers Wanted / New Fire Game Studios Members
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Over the past 4 years we at Fire Game Studios have made several adventure maps. We have taken two dives into making RPG/open world adventure maps in the past with: Midwin Empire: Deadfall & Midwin Empire: Avenrath.

We have just started building a third installment in the Midwin Empire series! We are looking for some new builders who will join Fire Game Studios and help us build our newest world. 

In specific we are looking for someone with knowledge of medieval building style and a general understanding of redstone functions. 

We take our Adventure Maps very seriously so if you wish to join our team make sure you are ready to work hard. 
At least 13 years of age.
Must have Skype or Discord.
Build submission.

If interested comment below!

Head of Fire Game Studios- UpsetNoodles