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New Mob Arena - fireblazer2389 - 09-16-2012

Hello Everyone,

I have just created an new mob arena. Many peopls have seen it already. But I want you to see it for yourself. I will post pics of the arena shortly. The arena will be called "Snow Kingdom". It is a very cool arena. Please vote for it as the next mob arena.


RE: New Mob Arena - fireblazer2389 - 09-16-2012

[Image: 3ec593a2.png]

[Image: 7832004f.png]

[Image: 43bd2759.png]

[Image: 532285be.png]

[Image: e66dbf2d.png]

These are the snapshots for the new Mob Arena I built. If you want to see it for yourself go to /res tp h
The name of this arena will be "SnowKingdom". The only problem was that i couldnt put any snow on the tress or the floor. So it doesn't look as good. But, i'm sure admins will help me with my problem.

I also forgot to mention that this arena is suppose to be on easy or medium difficulty. And, if you notice the pillars of leaves with signs on them is where the mobs are suppose to spawn. There will be a poll in another thread to see if this arena should be added.


RE: New Mob Arena - Nathangorr - 09-16-2012

***"http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/forum/Thread-New-Mob-Arena-Poll" has the poll for this arena!***