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Trials of the Tribunal - cmunk13 - 03-28-2012

this is my survival/island/adventure/whatevertheheck mao that ive been building for...say... a week? not too fancy, PRETTY tough. its a great challenge for survivalists or builders, and the plot is existant- which i know lots of survival maps are lacking. it was lots of fun to make, and i hope its just as fun to play! Confused
the video for it is here

and the download is here

This looks GREAT! And i'm not the creator.... no..
What are you talking about?

RE: Trials of the Tribunal - cmunk13 - 03-29-2012

my apologies
this map has a serious bug, i will be fixing it. it is because of the mode converter i used, but once it updates, so will my map.

RE: Trials of the Tribunal - Badger_craft - 04-13-2012

Hello cmunk13,
I was wondering if I could be your first contestant in your trials and here's why,
I have met and survived island with food for 208 days and counting.

Skill level: The Ultimate assassin

Killed mobs: 107 endermen, 148 creepers, 808 spiders,904 skeletons and 1,013 zombies.

Thank you
How many players can join

RE: Trials of the Tribunal - Vodkawerewolf - 04-18-2012

Ok so come check out my second map. The Biome Project by Vodkawerewolf