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Server Upgrades Coming - skeight - 01-21-2013

I've started the process of upgrading the map rendering/image serving server.

While I am transferring almost 2TB worth of maps to the new server, the images for the maps may display a little slower than usual.

Once complete I'll have an extra 2TB (for a total of 4TB!) dedicated to just map images. The new render server is also way more powerful and I will be able to render 3 maps at a time (maybe even 4). Here's the specs if you're interested:
  • Dual 5520 Quad-Core Xeon 2.26GHz with HT & Turbo
  • 24GB RAM
  • 4x2TB Sata (RAID 10)
It will take some time to transfer everything over but the regular rendering will continue until the new server is ready to go. Hopefully the process won't take more than a few days.

Thank you to all the premium subscribers for the support! Your contribution helps to ensure continued growth.

UPDATE JAN. 28th (4:00PM CST): The files have finished transferring and I'm waiting for some network changes on the host end before I can begin rendering maps again. They are working on it and it should be ready within a few hours.

UPDATE JAN. 29th (1:00PM CST): The required network change is completed and I'm performing the finishing touches on setting up the render environment. I will begin running tests shortly and plan on having this running in 2-3 hours.

UPDATE JAN. 29th (3:30PM CST): Testing went smooth and I'm waiting for DNS changes to propagate so the image serving will be done from the new server along with a final sync of images from the old server. Will be restarting rendering within an hour.

UPDATE JAN. 29th (5:30PM CST): Still engaged in an epic battle with the new version of Ubuntu. Non-Premium maps are not rendering properly and I am investigating.

UPDATE JAN. 29th (9:50PM CST): Problem resolved. Metal note (File::Copy::Recursive is bugged - make adjustments as needed when setting up new render server). I'm now waiting for the final sync so we don't have any issues with maps rendered in the past few days being re-rendered and/or overwritten. Probably going to be a few more hours. Sorry for the constant delays but we're really close to being back up and running again and will be through the queue by morning I'm sure.

UPDATE JAN. 30th (9:20AM CST): Upgrade is complete and new server is ONLINE! YAY! Big Grin Big Grin It seems to be rendering way faster although I may just be imagining things. I will test rendering 3 maps although for the time being I just want to get through this queue.

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - Vorfalath - 01-28-2013

Super pumped for the new server! This website is awesome and made me love Minecraft again Big Grin

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - sstruzik - 01-28-2013

VERY, VERY cool!

Thanks for all you do. I can't wait to watch this thing tear through the queue.

At work we've started recruiting more and more Minecraft players, and this website really helps us get them hooked and understand the game.

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - legolad - 01-29-2013

Thanks for the update and for all your hard work. My friends and I love this site and the maps you create!

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - avarty - 01-29-2013

upgrade sounds great, cant wait to render! and ETA or updates?

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - sstruzik - 01-29-2013

Thanks for the update!

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - sstruzik - 01-30-2013

Don't worry about the delays. We're excited about the big benefits. Thanks for your hard work.

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - florinlife - 01-31-2013

Thanks sir

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - crazymonkeyz1 - 02-01-2013

What's the server IP? It has been so long since i've been on one of the servers.

RE: Server Upgrades Coming - Sump22 - 02-01-2013

Maps render really fast now thanks! Love the site. Keep it up!