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Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 03-02-2013

Come check out my city, I promise it's unlike any other city you have seen. It is one of the most detailed projects out there. Download and explore. You won't regret it!



[Image: OldMapOriginal_zps74c6677e.png]

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 04-06-2014

Working hard on the new base for the city! The attached picture is a picture of the main island which will be surrounded by other islands. Lot's more to come Smile

[Image: Untitled_zpsbfedb8f4.png]

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-03-2014

UPDATE: I hope to release the next update on October 18, 2014. Exactly one year from the last update. The update will include major expansion of the land, and the city will be now an island itself with several smaller islands surrounding it. The updates that will come after will be released much quicker and I have pre-built structures to add onto the new terrain.

The reason for the long wait is because, after switching to a new operating system and having my external hardrive wiped, I had lost all my Minecraft saves and backups. I have had a pretty busy schedule as well and I couldn't restore everything immediately. I plan to update more frequently in the coming weeks.

I'll answer any questions or comments if you have any!

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-13-2014

I am very excited to provide a preview of the coming update. It's been a rough road with losing all my work and having to restart everything and moving the original city in tiny pieces, but it's done! Well.. almost. While this update does move the city onto the new map, there's lots of work to go. This first update won't be perfect and I fully acknowledge it and I do intend to work out the little issues as I populate the rest of the map and add content through the coming updates. Thanks for having a look! Big Grin

[Image: Preview_zps04c70ff6.png]

If you want to see the entire map, then check back at: http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/NY2OJ on Saturday the 18th!

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-18-2014

I am happy to announce that the update has finally been released! It has been exactly one year since the last update and a lot has changed! Fortress City has moved from its boring old foundation to a new island surrounded by water and a variety of other islands. I am very excited for this update because the size and shape of the map didn't allow me to utilize all the structures I had planned to build. The reason for the long wait is because I lost all my saves. I switched operating systems and my external hardrive got wiped. I lost all my Minecraft saves and backups and I couldn't restore everything immediately due to a busy schedule. The coming updates will be released much more rapidly as I have pre-built structures that I plan to add on the new terrain.

What to expect in the coming updates:
-Updates to the download pages (Descriptions, Screenshots)
-Repairs to the city caused by the transfer (Signs, Paintings, Inconsistencies)
-Villages will be completed on the islands (Tribal/Jungle village, Clay village)
-Skyscraper, high-rises, sidewalks, streetlights, trees, park and roads will be placed onto the new city area
-2 New islands will be implemented (Island resort, Lighthouse)
-Golf course
-Movie Theater
-Big Hospital
-Beach area will be further developed
-Tons of content i've created but never implemented
-Various projects i've been meaning to incorporate
-And much more!!!

Check back for an official release date for the next update.
My goal is on or before November 1, 2014.

NOTICE: Due to issues with MinecraftWorldMap.com's rendering, you may have to visit the alternate page for the download. Don't worry, as soon as it's fixed it will be available here too!

Project Page: http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/NY2OJ
Alternate Page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/modern-realistic-city-town/

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-21-2014

Have you seen the new cinematic trailer for Fortress City? Check it out here:


Thanks to Girrigiz for the contribution!

RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-23-2014

I'd like to thank Girrigiz for yet another phenomenal trailer for Fortress City. This will now remain as the official trailer for the map. Please check it out here:


RE: Amazing build .:. Fortress City .:. - cal352 - 10-29-2014

The next update will be released on: November 1, 2014

The November 1st update will include the following changes:
-Road network created in skyscraper area
-Several skyscrapers incorporated into city
-Large bank added
-Completed the clay house village island
-Created docks on jungle island
-Prison island
-Zombie compound
-High School
-Ranch/Horse Stables
-Guide book updated
-Some signs and paintings recovered
-Numerous terrain inconsistencies repaired
I will also work on general improvements such as a new description, new screenshots, new tags, guide book, etc.