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Server lag. Fix? - pipnina - 04-14-2012

unless you have a really powerful computer. you wont be able to have massive servers like mcworldmap running. i can tell skeight has a powerful computer (3 infact 2 for website 1 for server) but the server still has 500Ms delay in lag (1/2 second) (if you have a good connection). i also know that the servers hard drive is melting from millions of unused backups. Angry

Huh fix? Huh

Whilst emailing skeight i discovered that a supercomputer cluster is easliy made. (lots of computers working on the same task) websites can't be as demanding to run as a minecraft server with 8 worlds (including skeights family world and captain amber) so if the website servers were put in a cluster with the server more cpu/gpu cycles are available for the minecraft server and the website efficiency unharmed?

if this is not possible then im out of ideas for this lag other than skeight buying a new processor/gpu (unlikely and expensive).

thanks for your time.


RE: Server lag. Fix? - skeight - 04-14-2012

I've noticed this over the past little whlie pipnina and I am working on this to resolve it.

While the multi-world environment does require additional memory 99% of the time no-one is in most of the worlds so they are unloaded from memory and have no effect on lag.

There is an issue the cropped up recently and I think it's related to one of the mods installed... Which one, is the question. I have located some monitors for bukkit that will allow me to pinpoint the problem and I will be doing that as soon as possible.