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Mef198311 - mef198311 - 04-14-2012

hello i was caught griefing the house my cousin gave me and i got
banned.so can i get unbanned since the house was mine begin with
and my cousin name is B1kDrgn

RE: Griefing Own Hose - BlkDrgn - 04-14-2012

Yes, i did give him the house. The way I see it, a person should have to complain about a grief. I never filed a complaint for the fact that I gave it to him. This time he didnt deserve to get banned.

RE: Griefing Own Hose - Dark_Akarin - 04-14-2012

I cant at the mo, the reason has No-unban added at the end, so i need to look into this.

Also, this ban appeal isn't set out correctly, read the sticky

RE: Griefing Own Hose - skeight - 04-14-2012

I banned you for the second time because you griefed realtyme's hotel. Wood and sandstone.

If for some reason I am mistaken and this is in-fact your house then please explain.

Also, don't post multiple threads regarding this. That doesn't help your cause.