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tectonicus and 1.2 - fishbulb - 03-17-2012

Ive seen some great support from you guys on the minecraft forums so congrats on the good work! Ive been trying to keep up to date with the tectonicus update and i just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on where the project might go and how long it might take? The mapping service is an addition that makes this website pretty great and id hate to see problems arise.

RE: tectonicus and 1.2 - skeight - 03-18-2012

I have been watching this very closely and it appears like it's not going to be updated but *maybe* released as open source if the developer can raise enough for charity.

Good but not great.

I'm looking into other options for this and working on scripting it all. I'm hoping to have an update by the end of next week regarding this.