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Chrissybum - Chrissybum - 04-17-2012

I think i did my first one wrong so i'll put it in your format thing.

Display Name: chrissybum

What was the reason for your ban?
Unknown ( Don't know why i was banned )

Explain why you did it...
I don't even know what i did. D':

If we lift your ban and you break another rule, you will be banned forever without the chance of appeal, do you understand?
I don't know what i did but i want to come back on the server D:, i won't break any rules and i don't know what i did in the first place D':...

RE: Chrissybum - skeight - 04-17-2012

I'm not sure what you did either. The description was sparse and I don't see anything glaring in the logs.

I have unbanned you for now and will talk to the admin that banned you.