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The Castle of Barag-Dul [HUGE CHALLENGING ADVENTURE/PUZZLE MAP] - Joman666 - 09-27-2013

Introducing the fruit of over two years of active/passive Minecraft playing, brainstorming and creation:

The Castle of Barag-Dul
[Image: aRJfoVu.jpg]
Don't confuse this for Barad-dûr! The Castle of Barag-Dul is my first comprehensive adventure/puzzle map created over the course of two years of casual playing. It's mind-bogglingly expansive and can be enjoyed on its own if adventure maps aren't your thing. Enjoy the meticulously built symmetrical castle's architecture!

The Doom has fallen on the humans occupying Barag-Dul, and it's up to you to vanquish The Doom and restore the castle to its former glory! Filled with secret passages, labyrinthian corridors and big interdimensional surprises, Barag-Dul is sure to give any adventurer hours of entertainment. Can you find the 12 discs hidden throughout the castle, obtain The Vorpal Sword and silence The Doom?



Contains horses, and compatible with the 1.6.2 update. While it is not necessary to use the horses, you may find they'll come in handy for faster travel.

Rated 8.5 on minecraftmaps.org!
Forums: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1890194-162-the-castle-of-barag-dul-huge-adventurepuzzle-map-100-complete-link-to-download/

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