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wizard004 - wizard004 - 04-26-2012

Display Name : wizard004

What was the reason for your ban : Griefing.

Explain why you did it;

First,sorry for my english.It's not my native language.

Second, I don't exactly remember/know where i griefed but my little brother was playing few days ago on your server.I remember he was collecting some wool from a collapsed house.Also, i made a pool near someones house (wasn't that close and it wasn't inside the house,it was at entrance.) and i don't know if this counts as griefing.

And lastly,yes.I understand the rules and i promise i'll follow the rules.I apologize if i/my little brother did something wrong.

RE: wizard004 - skeight - 04-28-2012

You ban has been lifted. Please be more careful in the future.