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Sorry... - TeamMinerz - 05-04-2012

Dear, Mcworld map Team

I’m very sorry for griefing the hall of hammers. I was a new to this game and had no idea want to doing minecraft was a game I saw all the time when I looked up fallout wiki there would be mincraft wiki and then I was interested then so I went on YouTube and found a man call Ethoslab then bought the game after watching 100 of his let’s play series I wanted his map I went on the internet and found a place called www.minecraftworldmap.com I got his map and then saw that you guys had multiplayer I looked at that and loved it played it for 3 days and then got banned I was so sad I had to go play some other multiplayer an everyday I try to go on and no matter what it will say disconnected by sever: banned for grief of hall of the hammers. When I started on this map I didn’t ever know how to craft a stick I didn’t know I am so sorry please can you forgive me I won’t grief again I learned my lesson .

-Sincerely, TeamMinerz

RE: Sorry... - skeight - 05-05-2012

Sorry but all you did was grief since the minute you joined. I am not lifting this ban.