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PvP FULL world maps - - Ahrash2194 - 05-23-2012

Hey everyone, you know what would be cool? a world like hardcore world, but instead a designated PvP world. Players could create factions on their own and be able to raid other encampments. This would be like a hardcore world on steroids. You could go solo or join a faction. If this is possible to implement I will leave skeight to decide but it would be pretty cool. I am trying to find a map right now, maybe limited to 2k - 2k size or something, a infinite rendered world would prove to hard to find people. If you have any maps or suggestions I will post it Smile

Things that would be disabled
-All protections
-God mode for admins
-any admin help

Things that would be enabled
-Griefing? ( debatable )

Things that players would use more
-The ability to create a faction chat as the chat feature is rarely used..
-More player cooperation

Maps under consideration
-Currently looking

Final notes
-Skeight, let me know if the map needs to be 1.2.5 to be implemented (idk)
-And my new mac auto corrects your name Skeight to sleight so if u see that yah... lol
-I think this would be fun, maybe phase out hardcore world?

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - larperdoodle - 05-23-2012

2000x2000 is too small. In the Ultra-Hardcore survival competition, that's the map size and people have no trouble finding eachother even with random spawns. (there are usually only 10 competitors.
Speaking of "on steroids" look into the bukkit plugin Ultra Hardcore. You can decide which world it would be for. Each feature can be disabled. But what it does it disables healing, and increases how much gold it takes to make golden apples and potions to heal. It does some other stuff that makes the games super hard aswel. I'll put a link in tomorrow when I'm not on my iPhone.

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - Tuddsfn - 05-24-2012

i played an ultra-hardcore with larper earlier this week. it was very fun. i would love to see this implemented int o the game! Big Grin

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - skeight - 05-24-2012

Moved to hardcore section

I think if we're going to do this we would replace the existing Hardcore world. I think we're at the cap for worlds as it is lol. We don't need 2 hardcore style worlds.

I know there is the factions mod which could be installed for that world as well. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/factions/

Or it could be an ultra-hardcore world.

I don't know if we would want Ultra-hardcore AND factions though.

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - mamxan - 05-24-2012

i guess the factions mod requires, that many players play regularly to be fun?

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - larperdoodle - 05-24-2012

Ultra Hardcore Plugin
Example Config File
No, I think it would be cool with factions. Just like in the Ultra Hardcore competition there can be teams. Thats essentially what a faction is, right?

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - skeight - 05-25-2012

(05-24-2012, 11:49 AM)mamxan Wrote: i guess the factions mod requires, that many players play regularly to be fun?

You may be correct on this one. Not much point if we have 2 factions running around...

Maybe we should just make it ultra-hardcore. Although will more people play it if it's ultra-hardcore?

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - mamxan - 05-25-2012

ultra-hardcore is the easier way to do a new hardcore world, but it's actually survival, still.

if the factions thing is balanced and players participate, i think this would be a really cool thing. but i don't know the plugin and i'm afraid it needs constant balancing and control. has someone used/played this factions mod?

personal note: as i'm from europe, i'm having a ping disadvantage to american players, so i'm not sure if i will participate in pvp worlds that much

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - Ahrash2194 - 05-28-2012

ultra hardcore would allow for player made unofficial factions which would still be cool. And it wouldn't require large amounts of players on all the time. I think its the best option. Now for a map... any ideas? Start from scratch or a custom made one? I guess we could just call it a "hardcore world update"

RE: PvP FULL world maps - - larperdoodle - 05-28-2012

I'm thinking custom made. And there's a feature of the plugin that chooses a random spawn point everytime you respawn. so you might have to create a warp at a portal back to main Spawn world.
Actually, remember that separate server you said you could host? Well maybe you could host that server, but with 1 plugin: VoxelSniper. I could then build tons of cool terrain features everywhere. That would be a cool enough custom map. If not, I guess I could host on my own computer, but then we would have to deal with upload download to transfer it over, which might or might not be easier for you. I'll do whichever you prefer. Thoughts? Opinion? Other maps?