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Amber_1's Server Review; PhanaticMC Network. - amber_1 - 02-23-2014

Hey! This Is Amber_1 And my dad is having me post a server review EVERY WEEK! I'm Pretty excited! The very first server I'm reviewing will be a server called PhanaticMC Network! It's Super cool! It has TONS of stuff like... A Sky Block, Sky Grid, Mini Games, Hunger games, Sky Wars, Creative, Bending, Kit PVP, Survival, Factions, Dropper 1, Dropper 2, Mazes and Temple Run!!
In the Mini Games Server They Have; Sky Pvp, Air Battle, Rubix Wars, The Walls Version 2, Spleef, TNT Spleef, Mini Golf, PVP Arena, Mini Hunger Games, TNT Drop, Sky Flag, Castle Assault, Pirates, Horde And Snow Ball Fights!!!

You Can Apply For A FREE Membership on this server with /Apply on the server! The Ip Is; play.phanaticmc.com and This is the website you can visit for more information about donation ranks and other stuff; http://phanaticmc.com

I'm looking forward to doing a review next week,