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Amber_1's Server Review; Minetime! - amber_1 - 03-06-2014

This Week I'm Reviewing a server called; Minetime! It's Super Cool! It Has; Prison, Zombie infection, Hunger Games, Sky Block, Over-Powered PVP, Sky Wars, Survival, Creative, Factions and Kit Pvp (PVP Fest)!Big Grin I really enjoy this server and it runs Perfectly 99.89% of the time! I really love this server and it's pretty different comapered to PhanaticMC (My last srver Review)

If you want to learn more about any of the servers you can check out; https://www.minetime.com/ And If you want to go onto the server here is the ip; Minetime.com

I Hope you check out this server and Ill post another review next week!