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RE: Mob Arena Battle - earlgrey1234 - 04-17-2012

Damn pig zombies are creepy in that texture pack!!!!!

RE: Mob Arena Battle - mamxan - 05-23-2012

(03-27-2012, 03:10 AM)mamxan Wrote: special guest at mob arena!
he wanted to play pyramid but couldn't join because of "teleporting not allowed in mob arena".

he said, by teleporting being forbidden he feels discriminated against, so the inevitable happened:
[Image: c2fhkh6o7zb3f3r1n.png]

and i went from lvl 21 down to lvl 6 Dodgy

well, we met again. he said he was truly sorry what has happened, so he brought me a present!
[Image: c41bgag2079vdxvhn.jpg]