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xXnewfiedudeXx - Tristan_Destroy - 06-02-2012

Display Name:xXnewfiedudeXx

What was the reason for your ban?
Probably because of the diamonds I stole in play world. aka:greif

Explain why you did it...
Curious to see if I could get away with it, also because they were diamonds. I won't try it again lol.

If we lift your ban and you break another rule, you will be banned forever without the chance of appeal, do you understand?

RE: xXnewfiedudeXx - afguy20041 - 06-03-2012

well you cant get away with griefing for long we will always find out but since this is your first ban i will unban you just rember dont mess it up doing something dumb and dont take whats not your next time

Status: Unbanned