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Controlling advertisements - larperdoodle - 06-07-2012

Do you have any control over the types of ads on this web page? I get everything from "cloud storage" to "meet sexy Latinas". Only one of which seems to fit with the user base of this website, and the other one would be better directed at users of porn sites. Don't get me wrong, I understand that you need Ads on this site, but maybe there is a way to control which kind of ads? Its probably even in the best interest of the advertisers as well.
It's like cartoon network on here.

RE: Control thine advertisements - Ahrash2194 - 06-08-2012

you mean you don't want to meet sexy latinas :O . Lol, ads come and go, the revenue pays for the server Tongue. Although I do think you can report the ads somewhere on the ad.

RE: Control thine advertisements - larperdoodle - 06-08-2012

I know why we have ads, I don't have anything against them being there, but some are a bit ridiculous. I know I can just ignore them, but they are still there.
P.S. small children use this site. think of the children! lol

RE: Control thine advertisements - Tuddsfn - 06-08-2012

get google chrome and install the app AddBlock. all adds from most websites, including the ones before youtube videos, gone! Big Grin

RE: Control thine advertisements - larperdoodle - 06-08-2012

Great! That cleans up the 10% of the population that are actually aware that other browsers exist. The people whom I'm referring to would answer: "What is your operating system" with "It's a Dell", then when asked to elaborate would explain that it is black. (True Story)

RE: Control thine advertisements - skeight - 06-11-2012

The ads that appear are quite smart as google uses your searching and pages you visit to display ads appropriate to what you want.

So if you don't want to see ads to meet sexy latina's then stop searching for "how to meet sexy latina's" Big Grin

Seriously though when we were on vacation in wisconsin and I brought up the site I got ads that were local for the area which I never saw before.

Most of the ads I see are gaming related... WOW or some of RPG type online game 90% of the time.

RE: Control thine advertisements - mamxan - 06-11-2012

muahaha Big Grin

RE: Control thine advertisements - larperdoodle - 06-11-2012

Huh. I'm about 99% certain no-body has ever searched "How to meet sexy latinas" (or similar) on my Iphone. Maybe it has marked me as a gaming nerd, and therefore assumes I'm lonely, and want to get girls off of websites? That a bit presumptuous, and insulting...
(another possilbility is that since I block almost all cookies, so it has no idea what to do with me, and just throws any random add my way)
Anyway, back on my desktop computer, and I think I can relax now: I got an add for a star trek pizza cutter! lol

RE: Controlling advertisements - skeight - 06-11-2012

LOL! Big Grin

Yeah it could just be a generic thing. It's probably one of the biggest advertising things. It's weird. When I'm searching for trips and stuff and then I come back here and view a page I instantly get an ad for similar trips. Kind of spooky but kind of useful at the same time... Smile

RE: Controlling advertisements - Nathangorr - 06-12-2012

I get car ads for some reason... When in the world do I search about cars?? Also if you are so worried about that ads use Google Chrome and install ad block for it, which blocks the ads of all webpages unless you don't want it to and it is free unless you want to donate. The website needs to make a little money for running it, websites are not cheep to run. I don't mind the ads so much when i am not using Chrome because I just ignore them, well once in a while I will see something that get me a little interested but that is about all.