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Building Contest - Blacklaser2 - 06-18-2012

I am alerting all experienced builders to a new contest that I am starting. I want you to build the Minecraft Hotel and make it really good. But I do not want you to use just a random map. If you want to do it I will give you a seed to a world that I made. Send a message and tell me,

IGN(In Game Name):
Experience (1-10):
Maturity (1-10):
Coolness (1-10):

and I will say yes or no depending on what you do. Then when you are finished building your hotel send pictures to my email [email protected] I realize that it is fake email 110 but it is not fake it is for random stuff like this. Have fun and build epicly!
Whoever wins will win a map or skin and they can choose what they want or they can leave it up to me to make an awesome skin or map.