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Looking for a map - Galunoth - 09-17-2016


I am looking for a realistic map, I do not like the way Minecraft generates its cards. With an average size of about 5k x 5k, with many biomes. I want to get into a medieval roleplay map entirely.
I am looking for some time to PMC and minecraftworldmap.com, but the maps are numerous, they are pretty well done but many are not completely blank, and already have buildings of players. Something I do not want ...
So if I come to you, it's for advice on a map. Even point me to a Terraformer (preferably French)

Thank you

RE: Looking for a map - Daisy22 - 03-17-2017

Hello Galunoth! dear if you don't mind then i advise to you,i think you just check on google once,its better option for mapping Smile

RE: Looking for a map - steve smith - 04-12-2017

Google map is best for nevigate.just go for it.
best regards
steve smith

RE: Looking for a map - Nathangorr - 09-19-2017

(09-19-2017, 02:11 AM)hatinger Wrote: I agree with people, now google map is the best but for example you can use Yandex map

I'm not sure what this reply has to do with the original poster's request. I'm pretty confused why so many of you are attracted to this thread to talk about the wonders of Google Maps.