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My skin... - Ahrash2194 - 07-01-2012

Well my builder skin i have had for months is now gone since a friend changed it to a stupid batman one. If anyone finds a builder skin like the one on the banner ahead please give me the link. -_-

RE: My skin... - larperdoodle - 07-02-2012

I think I can recreate it from some images I have on my computer. Also, if you are reading this mamxan, get on please! I am bored! Im alone on the server

RE: My skin... - Nathangorr - 07-02-2012

How did you friend manage to change your skin?

RE: My skin... - Tuddsfn - 07-02-2012

I can make a good skin fore you. You still want to be a builder?

RE: My skin... - Ahrash2194 - 07-02-2012

something similar to the skin in the banner above.[/align]

RE: My skin... - mamxan - 07-03-2012

that two are close to yours i guess:

RE: My skin... - skeight - 07-03-2012

Let me know when it's changed and I'll update the banner Smile

RE: My skin... - Nathangorr - 07-03-2012

I am good at remaking a skin! If you give me a screenshot of your old skin then maybe I can recreate it!

RE: My skin... - Tuddsfn - 07-03-2012

wait i think i cana find it 1 day

RE: My skin... - Nathangorr - 07-04-2012