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Tekkit Summer Fun :D - skeight - 07-11-2012

Amber_1 and I are having a special adventure in a Tekkit world over the summer holidays. Here's the first video in the series.

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - afguy20041 - 07-11-2012

that looks cool what is a tekkit server?

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - NepheneeL - 07-12-2012

Anybody else want to find a public tekkit server to try this out? It looks amazing. Ive seen some tekkit stuff where they generate diamonds and stuff, like diamond building machines. And nuclear generators. Its crazy.

So there is a whole launcher for tekkit and stuff? This is intense.

After seeing this i was really interested so I downloaded the launcher here:Technic (Tekkit) Download.

Its really interesting, full blown computer systems and automated stuff. Im amazed. Im just learning redstone, this stuff is a whole new world.

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - redman4458 - 07-12-2012

I've tried the tekkit luancher, but sadly it lagged my computer to death(by that i mean it froze my computer).

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - skeight - 07-12-2012

Episode 2 is posted Smile

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - skeight - 07-16-2012

E3 Big Grin Big Grin

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - afguy20041 - 07-16-2012

lmao were you cussing at that cat skeight Tongue

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - larperdoodle - 07-16-2012

Here is that texture pack:
Looks like the tekkit version is only 128x and 64x

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - mamxan - 07-16-2012

you two are perfect for let's play videos! Smile

RE: Tekkit Summer Fun :D - skeight - 07-17-2012

E4 - Lots more to come Big Grin