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Skyzone reviving help needed! - Nathangorr - 08-04-2012

I have put the old SkyZone map on my server, and I need everyone's help making it look as good as possible! I would greatly appreciate it if everyone who wanted to help me with this massive project of removing ugly buildings, fixing land, and planting trees! I know Dark_Akarin has already begun developing the new SkyZone, but I want to give the old one another chance!

My server has Bukkit with 41 plugins, including WorldEdit MobBounty, Multiverse, DeathTP, ClassRank, God Mode, Simple Money, WorldGuard, ZPort, and others. To access it you much have Hamachi. I only have 34 slots and 10 are taken. I need a minimum of 15 people who play Minecraft often to help me. 

The Minecraft server is currently 1.2.5, but it will be updated when the 1.3.1 Bukkit recommended build is released.

If you would like to help with this project, please contact me through a private message!