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Absent - redman4458 - 08-07-2012

As everyone knows the server just updated to 1.3.1! Sadly I'll have to take some time out of the server due to the fact I get about 6 frames a second. But no worries, as soon as the standard version of optifine updates I will be able to join back. And if anyone could keep me to date to the update that would be awesome Big Grin

RE: Absent - larperdoodle - 08-07-2012

Optifine has been available for the past few days... The only remaining known bugs are:
• Extreme render distance does not work (shouldn't be a problem for you)
• Problems with the connected textures mod functioning properly with sideways logs (this feature is disabled by default, and is purely aesthetic)

RE: Absent - redman4458 - 08-08-2012

That's ultra and for some reason it doesn't work for me

RE: Absent - larperdoodle - 08-08-2012

(08-08-2012, 07:46 AM)redman4458 Wrote: That's ultra and for some reason it doesn't work for me
Whats Ultra, and what doesn't work for you?

RE: Absent - redman4458 - 08-08-2012

There are different versions of optifine, the currently updated version is ultra, I use standard

RE: Absent - Nathangorr - 08-12-2012

There shouldn't be a problem with using OptiFine HD B1 Ultra for Minecraft 1.3.1 unless you have a 32 bit computer... Ultra is accually better then using standard because it offers more then standard or Multi-core...

RE: Absent - redman4458 - 08-12-2012

i know but my jar is really weird for some reason so im hoping it will be better when 1.3.2 comes along