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RE: bad news :( - afguy20041 - 10-19-2012

hey guys i know its been awhile but i finally got access to a computer for a few mins to atleast let you know iam still here but iam not sure when iam going to get that computer cause just like it goes when you have money saved up something always comes up and you have to spend it Dodgy but iam working on getting the new computer i might use my tax refund at the begining of the year iam not sure i will have to decide from either a computer or a glock 45 pistol but either way it will be a long time before i can get the new computer and i will still try to log on the forums every chance i can to keep up todate on whatz happening on the server Tongue Big Grin

RE: bad news :( - larperdoodle - 10-19-2012

Get the gun, and use it to get the computer Tongue

RE: bad news :( - Adams - 11-19-2012

Oh! that is so sad news & i suggest you to purchase all parts separate like:
Power supply
Hard drive etc.
This operating system might be difficult to find but much money will be save.

RE: bad news :( - afguy20041 - 11-20-2012

(10-19-2012, 05:42 PM)larperdoodle Wrote: Get the gun, and use it to get the computer Tongue

lol Tongue well it seems like i found a bit of luck lately i finally got my xbox power cord so it is running Big Grin and the xbox has the internet explorer app now i can check the forums when i want too if course when iam not playing minecraft Tongue it is supprising how addative this game is