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[1.12] [PaperMC] Contiguous United States in Minecraft - MaRRyyas - 04-26-2018

Hello there guys. I have hosted a temporary server for my map of the United States. The purpose of this server is for those who wants to hangout on one of the biggest custom maps in Minecraft.
The spawn itself is in Denver, Colorado. It's voted by the community in PlanetMineCraft.
The server itself is located in EU, but i think that players in America could still join.
The gamemode is SMP, since that creative mode for everyone causes lag on the server. Once the map gets enough players on, someone else has to take over the hosting of the serverĀ (that's why it's temporary)
As of 9th of October, the entire United States is complete, and the server is now restored.
PM me if you want to host this server, if you have more resources for it.

IP address: (dynamic ip, will change when router gets reset)