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Thank Goodness I Still Had The Original Minecraft.EXE (New "Java-Free" Version Sucks)
08-08-2015, 11:36 PM,
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Star  Thank Goodness I Still Had The Original Minecraft.EXE (New "Java-Free" Version Sucks)
Georgef551 Offline Iron Miner View worlds
Games sometimes running a bit slow, some games stutter a bit more than it should. Sometimes it's just loading sounds, graphics, the world itself. Maybe you're only getting 350fps instead of the usual 351, (Not my numbers by far, but over 100fps 90% of the time), so when the new and improved "Java-Free" version of the launcher came out, I just had to try it.

What a mistake that was, and I'm glad I never got rid of the old Minecraft.EXE file. (DL'd from the 1.0 days)

I have noticed a couple major problems with this "New and Improved" version of the game, and on 2 different machines:

* A 10-year-old HP Laptop (Windows Vista)
* Current ASUS Gaming Rig (Win 8.1)

I'm not giving specs, because that's not important, as the same EXACT thing happens on both machines.

When in operation, it refuses to use the most recent version of Java, just uses the one it wants. I have found the folder, replaced it with the most recent Java version. Game will redownload the version it wants (1.8.0_25). I even renamed the newer version (1.8.0_45 at the time) to mimic what it's looking for, only to fail, and revert. This happens on both machines.

On top of that, the stuttering was significantly worse (longer) and more frequent. When all was loaded, it seems things were better. The framerate was a few fps higher, but then.....the seizures happen.

Regardless of playing an SP map, or a multiplayer server, after a certain amount of game time, the stuttering gets really bad, fps drops about 75%, and sputters along until Java gives up and siezes the game. If you wait for the game to stop thrashing the HDD (SSDs may be far better here), it can be semi-playable, but it sputters along, then seize again. Sometimes, to a dead stop (never recovers).

On the 10-year-old laptop, there's only 1GB allocated (2GB RAM), and the seizure event happens within 5 minutes, repeats every other minute.
On the Asus, I give it 6GB or the 8GB of RAM, and the game lasts about 30 minutes. Repeats depending which way the wind is blowing.

I had enough of this, because multiplayer shouldn't be doing this, so I got rid of the "Improved" Minecraft.EXE, and put the one from the 1.0 days back on. MUCH, MUCH BETTER (Times Infinity....sort-of).

Multiplayer games don't seize up anymore on the ASUS. I haven't tried it with the older laptop, because multiplayer is a horror show (as slow machines have a history of that problem with super low fps). Single player worlds run flawlessly, except for Amplified, or under constant terrain generation over long times. That is nothing new, and expected. Normal play, back to good times. On occasion, a regular game would seize, but only if I was using Java for other intense things as well in the background.

As for the older laptop, a near instant improvement after reverting to the old executable. Framerate stayed constant, slowed when there was a lot going on. Sometimes the stutters would be a bit long, but would keep on going, and run normal (20 to 40fps at 10 chunks). After reverting, no seizures whatsoever the entire session (About 75 minutes).

The moral of the story is: Newer isn't always better. If you never redownloaded the Minecraft.EXE, don't bother. You're wasting your time. Two completely different machines gave me the exact same headaches, and they went away (mostly) when using what I know worked well.
08-09-2015, 01:03 AM,
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RE: Thank Goodness I Still Had The Original Minecraft.EXE (New "Java-Free" Version Sucks)
Nathangorr Offline Premium View worlds
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