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Late christmas gift.
01-27-2015, 12:06 PM,
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Late christmas gift.
XtaL Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
I promised my 14y son a Minecraft server. No problem.

Now I have some questions. No I'm not a newbie sysadmin.

But I have actually absolutely no clue of calculating an approximate mem / cpu / bandwidth of a game I've never played. Which my son has since release.

Now I've got a spare server, but I don't have any clue about the requirements per player and so on, so I can dimension the MaxPlayers and so on.

Server is the least of my problem. It's what I'm expecting in mem, cpu and traffic. I have not a single clue. Memory is 3 digits GB and hardrive in a SAS.

My son has no technical knowledge at alll, so he's not the best to ask. Currently, the server is in staging mode, so nobody except approved IP's can't even get a route to it.

Anyway. Just for Stress test, I figured, " " seemed as a good one.

How do you calculate memory usage, latency for players, and such things?

The world above is about 10k * 10k in size. That swallowed in about half a gig of ram. But what about players? The server has to keep track of them, and as so, they consume memory. About how much?

What's a normal world size for an online server?

What's the normal amount of players per n*square?

As I said. I'm a newbie minecraft SysAdm with a 14y GameAdm....

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