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Hide Cave View
10-17-2016, 02:20 PM,
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RE: Hide Cave View
Nathangorr Offline Premium View worlds
(10-16-2016, 10:28 PM)AF79gaming Wrote: Just came across this site, which I LOVE so far. I thought it'd be cool to upload a map of the survival server I'm hosting to help aid in visualizing where things are for the players. However, there is a cave render, which may allow for players to "cheat" and find patterns/locations of mine shafts or monster spawners. Can we hide that render? Also, the server's seed number is showing, which players may abuse to load in a Single Player world to find fortresses and things of that nature. Can we hide the seed number as well?

Below is a link to the map of mine in question:

We do not allow for users to disable the cave view for their maps. The lack of this feature shouldn't be much of a problem, however. Cave view generally displays caves very inaccurately, as its primary purpose seems to be focused on rendering well lit player-made structures.

The seed display cannot currently be disabled either. I did find a clever way around this, however. Since our site retrieves your world's seed from its level.dat, you can use a tool such as NBTExplorer to spoof the seed that is displayed. Below, you can see my original map's seed is -9121988953315066240.

[Image: 7AE6yAw.png]

Using NBTExplorer, I can change my map's seed to "123456789123". You must use a lengthy number when doing this, do not use single digits or leave the field blank.

[Image: X6gAVw8.png]

After uploading your map to our site, you will see that the seed reflects the fake seed that you set in the level.dat.

[Image: RIZBfEh.png]

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