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The Divine Jumps 2 [1.13.2]
06-14-2019, 04:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-14-2019, 05:03 AM by MrBurdy.)
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The Divine Jumps 2 [1.13.2]
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The Divine Jumps 2:

If you follow my projects, this name should tell you something or if you are a smart minimum, you can imagine that if it is named with a 2, it is because it is the continuation of "The Divine Jumps". However, you do not need to test the latter to do this one. It's a brand new map with a very different objective, it's no longer a simple matter of stupidly li
nking levels, here you will have an enemy... 

The Principle:

After completing the tutorial and discovering the various features and special blocks, you will be confronted with the map and its 20 levels but you will face a constraint your score that will start at all levels at 10,000, decrease by 20 every second however the Wumpa fruits will give back 100 score and you will win 1,200 score if you manage to take them all. Each level will have a diamond block, it will be very difficult to access but will offer you 3,000 of score while the dead will penalize you by 500 and the jumps by 50, it is up to you to choose your path wisely to get the maximum score. Once a level is completed, your score on that level will be added to your final score, which will eventually give you your final score.

The Coop: 

As you may have noticed, this map is compatible with multiplayer, so you can cooperate to help you cross some difficult areas, note that the score will stop dropping by 20 every second as soon as a player has finished the level, however all other features infecting the score will still be active so be careful not to lower your teammate's incredible score by dying stupidly.


Some little extras have been added. As death will no longer show you the perfect "death screen" to avoid wasting time, a small interface displaying your number of deaths, jumps, the score on the current level and the total score and the current level, small visual markers will indicate the location of your last 10 deaths perfect so as not to make the same mistake again or why not serve as a visual reference? Various clickable objects will make your life easier, such as being able to start the map again if everyone wants, leaving the tutorial, so don't forget to check your inventory. 


The room is presented, simply with your heads and your score, the latter is filled with your videos shared on the internet that I would have found or that you would have sent me, you need all the levels recorded to prove that you did not cheat. The left side will only be for solo scores and the right side for duets, I haven't planned a place for now if you're testing at 3 or more but if I see an incredible performance I wouldn't hesitate to add it.


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06-19-2019, 04:35 AM,
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