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Its not only"two sides fighting for power"
12-18-2020, 03:13 AM,
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Its not only"two sides fighting for power"
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I think that you makes a lot more sense than that. That's a very clear and honest presentation against the breach of individual rights being struck down by the business that conducts a major game popular on the machine at that point, so with the discussion spill over everywhere even remotely related to Animal Crossing Bells Blizzard should've been expected and normal. Here, this is a political campaign abusing the prevalence of a video game for votes and also that horrible excuse for an advertisement being posted on a subreddit that should never have anything to do with politics. Human rights aren't political.

Its not only"two sides fighting for power"

Discovering what individual rights are and how we protect them is the single most significant facet of politics

I don't have the entire context here but it is not about abusing a specific space, it's about reaching people. Games comprised BLM messages in the months following George Floyd. In a world filled with things bigger than matches, games are bound to be changed. At least Joe is encouraging a game about community and Nook Miles Ticket For Sale being neighborly. God help us when our candidates are inserted to FN.

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