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Believe my knowledge on OSRS gold
12-24-2020, 01:54 AM,
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Believe my knowledge on OSRS gold
bestrsgoldfast Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
Not certain why you believe my knowledge onĀ OSRS gold how best to achieve this is important. Nevertheless, I can inform you if I'm not getting my own job done I dont just talk about how difficult it is, I find a solution.

As for how we understand they don't care enough to dedicate the resources to accomplish the job, thats fairly self evident. Look at how many workers they devote to the issue, and see just how much they pay them.

You appear to think I'm arguing something which Im not.

Well mains don't really search for them since they can obv purchase it... But that is as there are sceptres for sale, if the item was 8m like it used to be you'd likely see players going for it.

Do these bots do so purely for the sceptre fall? I presumed that they would trade in certain artefacts as these give gold idk, never done pyramid seriously.

They simply rush the torso on the first floor, depart, and get it done . First floor artifacts are crap so I doubt that they keep them.Cause the best way to get it on an ironman would be to rush the first room over and over just like the bots.

Dude I've seen bots in PP with 90+ thieving fromĀ Buy Rs gold just doing the room 1 scepter grind, it actually wouldn't make a difference in which room it came.

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