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'Second dose is a first dose denied to someone else'
01-13-2021, 09:18 PM,
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'Second dose is a first dose denied to someone else'
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'Second dose is a first dose denied to someone else'

[Image: f0545b3b-5b5a-4687-9e4f-0b2a8aa5e12c.jpg]

Wales is sticking to a UK-wide policy on delaying second doses of Covid-19 vaccine,
Chief Medical Officer Dr Frank Atherton says.

Official data suggest fewer people are getting second jabs in Wales than in other UK

Dr Atherton said: “You will have to ask people in England why there are some cases
where people have had second doses.

“There are a few in Wales.

"By and large I am really pleased that everybody in Wales is understanding that
a second dose given now is a first dose denied to somebody else, and they need that

Second doses had been given in some cases to avoid wasting vaccine after packs
had been opened, he said, adding less than 1% of vaccine was being wasted
in Wales.

On 30 December the four UK chief medical officers agreed second doses of the Covid
vaccines would be given 12 weeks after the first jab, instead of four weeks.

That means the system would “get more vaccine into more people”, Dr Atherton said.

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