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REoL TOUGH City Server (30+ 45 slots open)
01-09-2014, 06:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-09-2014, 06:26 PM by Georgef551.)
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Information  REoL TOUGH City Server (30+ 45 slots open)
Georgef551 Offline Iron Miner View worlds
Since I have seen a server listed elsewhere for those 30 and over, but had limited slots, and TONS of interest, I have my own, and there's 45 slots available those those at the age of 30 and over.
Since most players are over 30, I'd like to keep it that way, or close.

There are 2 teens that joined before this decision, they're grandfathered in, and aren't trouble.

If you're in your upper 20s, I may let you on, but you need to show your work with YouTube videos.

We aren't picky on ability, so if you're a builder's God, or terrible, it doesn't matter.

* Whitelisted
* Hard difficulty
* Adventure Mode for extra difficulty (may change in 1.8)
* Monster griefing disabled. No worries about that Creeper blowing up your dirt mansion you worked hard on. Smile

Some features of the city:

* Shopping Mall
* 1/2 Mile horse track
* Small Spleef Arena
* 255m High Dive Challenge
* Apartments and existing plots for the taking (you can go off and claim a stake of your own)
* REoL LAND Amusement Park, featuring Mount Hell Roller Coaster, Doom Town, and other rides

If you have Facebook, it's the easiest way to get on, just go to:

If you don't have Facebook, and have YouTube, you can Inbox me at "georgef551" (no quotes, of course)

If you have neither, E-mail is [email protected]

The ip will not be shared here, but for those who enroll, and are qualified, you'll get it, and set up.

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