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Minecraft Adventure Series - EP 2 now up
05-27-2012, 02:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-27-2012, 03:01 PM by larperdoodle.)
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RE: Minecraft Adventure Series - Looking for players
larperdoodle Offline Diamond Miner View worlds
(05-27-2012, 02:20 PM)Ahrash2194 Wrote: that would be awesome. I am fooling around with Final cut pro right now, pretty hard to figure this out.
I could teach/help you over skype. Im pretty good at it. Its pretty much like other editing programs - I find them self explanatory for some reason. Its weird, but I find advanced editing programs easy, and Windows Movie Maker is the hardest editing program ever.
lars.benedetto is my skype name.
This would be cool if it was an admin thing. Get afguy, Akarin, you know.
Look on here for title ideas. Video Copilot These would be really easy for me to replicate. I can get you a title like this on Wednesday (I get back to school on Tuesday, that gives me a day to edit, and a day to get it home and upload.) But if you want something specific to minecraft, or a map that we are playing, it would take longer.

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