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Limbocraft I and other works
03-19-2014, 10:33 PM,
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Limbocraft I and other works
dagreenkat Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
So recently I have been working on two projects: Limbocraft I: The Prisoner and Interconnected. Limbocraft (Version 1.0 alpha uploaded to this site) is a game where you find yourself in a cell and proceed to solve puzzles to escape OR correct your previous mistakes. Interconnected is to be a maze game where the only difference between each room is the number and placement of doors. It is currently designed to have 100 rooms.

I was simply wondering if these sounded like things you would like to try/see. Tongue

Also, I will hand out individual pre-releases (Version 1.2 alpha/2.0 alpha of Limbocraft I since i can't decide how important the changes are is almost finished but you can get it earlier on request) via email ([email protected]) if you would like to see/ help brainstorm.
Just be sure to say if you want a view or play file (Puzzles reset in play, survival, etc.; puzzles not reset in view, creative, current state of things)

Just post/email questions please. I know I'm not being very specific or clear, but I'm tired.


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