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How to read the cave maps?
05-11-2014, 03:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-11-2014, 04:44 AM by Xusaku.)
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How to read the cave maps?
Xusaku Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
Hi. I'm new in this forum and I just joined to render my old maps in search for strongholds and so with my friends. I use to play with them in an old house in the desert (we are from Almería - Spain, and we have the only dessert in Europe), and we dont have internet there, so we use (I'm sorry to say that) an old cracked version of minecraft (lighter and simplier to use for my purposes than the current one). More accuratelly we use version 1.5.2. Of course I do have the real game purchased, but my friends do not.

Our only wish is to play MP together and search for dungenos and so, but even with creative mode I'm having too much problems finding strongholds (using ender eyes, of course). My last hope is to render my maps and search for them manually, and then build a "road" (as in The Wizard of Oz) full of mobs, tramps and so. It should be pretty funny, but I can't do so because i can't find them in your caves map. I see a complete map full of red colors, but I can't recognize the ones from a real stronghold in this map.

Please, can you tell me wich colors (or wich way) have i to search to find strongholds? (I'm sorry if my english is too bad)

Help is much appreciated. C ya!!
Ok guys, I think I can complete the information I need, and this may be a help to others in my same situation. In the current caves map version, you can't find in an special color strongholds or even abandoned mineshafts, but you can use your own eyes and knowledge to find them. If you zoom enough, you can see blocks almost entirely, but if you have to find those blocks in a real great map, it would be a pain in your head to find them, so i will lend you some of my own learnings studying my map. By the way, this is my map for you to practice in searching Strongholds:

First of all, abandoned mineshafts have WOOD PLANKS covering the passages that forms it, so if you see a zone that have some parallel lines in a lighter brown-red color than the map itself, it should be an abandoned mineshaft. Until here, all is easy.

Ravines and magma are easy to see. Magma are bright red formations (Underground lakes are alike, but in blue color), and ravines have vertical lines forming uniform color patterns. Caves are the most common form of biomes in the cave map, and they are irregular color patterns resembling doodles or scrawling writing. We are not really interested on this because they are the most common biome in underground.

Ok, now thats the hard thing in this process. To see STRONGHOLDS in the map, you have to zoom almost to the max or near it. You have to look for some "square-like" patterns of lighter color than the average map color. They are made of stone bricks, so if you see any of these, it should be a Stronghold. You can see even wood doors, or even stone planks, wich are slightly lighter than the average stone block. They are a bit hard to see, but you will see the "square-like" pattern in all Strongholds, since rooms are squares build underground.

It may be that Strongholds are almost "buried" by other biomes upside them, or even into them, and thats makes them even harder to see, but if you keep on your "quest", you will be able to see them. It took me almost 15 minutes of carefully searching in my map to see them, but I finally found them clearly.

Now, i will reach the stronghold, i will mark clearly the way to find the place and finally i will make it funny and beauty to visit. I will put some dangers in the way, like traps and platforms to jump and avoid. I will make the view beautifull to see, with impossible waterfalls, abandoned castles, and so. I will make the "road" a little bit "twisting", visiting some abandoned mineshafts with tips on where to go to follow the right way, and finally i will put a great treasure (and maybe a great "box-picture" saying "congrats!!" as the end of the trip) to end the adventure.

I think of it as a "paper and pen" roleplay gaming adventure with my friends, and I hope it will be funny to play. When I finish and play it, I will upload again and announce it to you for download and try it. Hope this thread help others to make funny things like this.

05-12-2014, 07:07 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-12-2014, 07:13 PM by Nathangorr.)
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RE: How to read the cave maps?
Nathangorr Offline Premium View worlds
Thank you for the information, the cave feature has been questioned many times by serveral different users.
Please Note: Some information above may be incorrect due to the fact that little to no information has been documented of this feature.

Color Key

Yellow - Near Surface
(The lighter the shade gets the higher to the closer it is to the surface)
Red - Far From the Surface
(The darker the shade gets the darker the closer it is to bedrock)

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