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StonestakkerMC's Server Review; Skyblock
06-13-2014, 01:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-19-2014, 10:21 AM by Nathangorr.)
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StonestakkerMC's Server Review; Skyblock
Stonestakker MC Offline Builder View worlds
Have you ever wanted a epic skyblock server with a awesome community with moderators and admins on 24/7? Have you ever wanted to play a skyblock either with friends or not, and play in mob arenas to win epic prizes? Or do you just want a relaxing server? Well Noobcrew's epic server Skyblock will do the trick!


Donors can get pets, fly mode, kits every three days, coloured chat, donor starter kits and much more!

The currency of the server is... Grass Blocks!, believe it or not, you earn grass by voting on the website(below) and as a prize from the in-game mob arena. To join the arena(when it's open) type "/ma j" and to leave, "/ma l". You can also spectate it by typing "/ma spec". You get a choice of kits before entering, and make sure you left or right click the Iron Blocks in the lobby to ensure you want to enter. If you have read this so far, I will tell you a little secret. Do "/hat" to wear the object or block in your hand! The community is epic! They are always selling items in-game so you can buy as you please!

If you have further questions or someone is troubling you, talk to the moderators ("mods"), or admins (Noobcrew and CypriotMerks), or even the community! If you got banned for apparently no reason, appeal on the website forums!(below)

Skyblocks website - Click Here!


Thank you for reading!


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