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Brand New Minigame MAP !!
10-19-2014, 07:38 AM,
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Wink  Brand New Minigame MAP !!
speedyrockerW Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
Hey guys it Me speedyrockerW.I have a brand new Minigame map that is in progress ( almost Done ) and i wanted to See What you Guys Think About it.

My minigame is Called battlebox its Kinda Like Battle Dome,but your not in a dome. The game is a multiplayer Map 4-8 people. Im also Brand New To Making Maps and I Have a HUGE Adventure map im Working on Right now.

I hope Yall Read This and give Me Ideas Ask questions And Etc.. Also Follow me on Instagram beacuse i Will Start Posting previews Of My Map As im working On it I will Probably Make The Map public Very Soon.
Instagram: i._am._willy

12-17-2014, 08:32 AM,
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RE: Brand New Minigame MAP !!
Budy8760_Gaming Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
That sounds like s cool game. I am also in the proces of making A Mine-Map-Game. My game is called Team Shot. It is sort of a mix betwean Black Ops, and Minecraft. It has all the Black Ops wepans but is played in a bunch of minecraft maps, like Jarreys tree (CartainSparklez) a castle that I made, the nether, a cave, and my favorat a modern town. At this moment I have about 2 maps, and I am looking for someone with Minecraft PE to help me.
Hope this gives you an idea for a mini game, Team Shot is copy Right Budy8760 Gaming but you can use it as a small idea.

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