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REoL TOUGH City Server: REoLVille Mall Demolition
11-10-2014, 05:10 PM,
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Video  REoL TOUGH City Server: REoLVille Mall Demolition
Georgef551 Offline Iron Miner View worlds
While placing TNT everywhere to get an epic blast will likely get any job done, it'll also leave a complete mess all around the work area.

When you don't want that to happen, and you want control over the action, manage server lag, and a little pyro show just to show off some, you take it the methodical approach instead.

As seen here, it was done in two phases, first being the "Gut Phase", where the building was gutted to make the final removal easier on both the server, and the building itself. (It went a bit overboard, but not too badly.)

Final phase was a bit fancy, and a little bit of showboating, the final demolition. While it looked good, there were quite a few "artifacts" remaining. Can't always win with TNT sometimes.

Ultimately, you will see that everything around the building was unharmed, with some extra blast walls to save structures around it.

Here it is, if you care to watch:


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