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60 Minute CHALLENGE! Beat the Game (#1)
11-28-2014, 03:07 PM,
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Video  60 Minute CHALLENGE! Beat the Game (#1)
Georgef551 Offline Iron Miner View worlds
So hard to do, very few people have done it, attempting to beat the game, from first spawn, to killing the Ender Dragon, with no cheating, glitch tricks, no restarts. Pick a world at random, and try to make it happen, all in 60 minutes, or less.

It has been done, and I make the attempt at doing so.

How do I do? Make it, or fail? If the later, far off, or complete as much as possible just to get closer?

The new series, "60 Minute CHALLENGE!" will be where I attempt some objective, and get it done in 60 minutes or less, or as much of it if the goal is met earlier.


What objective(s) would YOU like to see done in the series? Popular choices will get pushed up front, and hopefully, will succeed!

Enjoy another older gamer, albeit not as old as PSJ. Smile

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