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60 Minute Challenge #1: Beat the Game
01-01-2015, 09:29 PM,
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Video  60 Minute Challenge #1: Beat the Game
Georgef551 Offline Iron Miner View worlds
When this show started, I got the idea when I saw someone beat the entire game, no cheats or use of glitches, in just 37 minutes. Figuring there's easier things to do, maybe there's life in a 60 minute challenge series.

The first episode is based on the one thing that spawned the new series: try to beat the game, from scratch, in 60 minutes, or less!

How do I do? Find out:

If you have suggestions on what I can attempt in this challenge, feel free to leave a reply to this thread.
Keep in mind, there are some you may suggest that have been done, if you haven't seen the whole series thus far.

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