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Star Wars World Roleplay/Need Builders
01-26-2015, 03:14 AM,
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Star Wars World Roleplay/Need Builders
Jarell Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
Okay, so i am building a Star Wars world, a world that is not that well known to the star wars universe, but i have read about it and done research on it, it's called Eclipse, a jungle planet or as desacribed in a book i read, "The sister planet of Drommund Kaas" Anyways, i will be opening it for roleplay in the future wiuth places to rent such as houses and apartments, There are many factions to join such as:

The Sith Empire
The Republic
Jedi Order
and the Mandalorians
Plus many more and each faction pays "Paper" as well as certain jobs you can do from a dancer to a bounty hunter, mercenary, smuggler etc etc. all with different pay rates. I have an entire backstory and timeline wrote out for my roleplay but i need help building the world. i have done 99% of the build by myself so far. So if there are any good builders that are star wars fans out there that want to help let me know. Or to even join the roleplay.

It's on X-Box 360, anyways hope to hear from you, my gamertag is below. When sending a friend request please let me know in a message who you are and mention this post please and thank you!


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