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Plugin Command Archive
06-13-2012, 08:47 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-03-2012, 05:16 AM by NepheneeL.)
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Plugin Command Archive
NepheneeL Offline (>'.')> View worlds
This is a command list only, it does NOT explain usage yet. Most of this will be straight copy paste from the respective websites and is NOT my material. I did not create any of this, I just moved it all to one place.

This is the first time I have ever written anything like this. Please tell me what is good and bad about it and what I can do to improve it.

I will edit in the other sections later.

UPDATE - 6/23
Put in Residence info - Editing unfinished

A. LWC - Chest Protection [cprt]

1. Mod Website [cprt1]
2. Protection Commands [cprt2]
3. Mode Commands [cprt3]
----a. Persistent mode [cprtP]
----b. Droptransfer mode [cprtD]
4. Flag Commands [cprt4]
----a. /lwc flag [cprtF]
----b. /lwc menu [cprtM]
5. Command Aliases [cprt5]
6. Admin Commands [cprt6]

B. Residences [rsd]

1. Mod Website [rsd1]
2. General Commands [rsd2]
----a. Tag Explanation [rsdT]
3. Selection Commands [rsd3]
4. Creation Commands [rsd4]
5. Info Commands [rsd5]
6. Flag Commands [rsd6]
----a. Flag List [rsdF]
7. Utility Commands [rsd7]
8. Market/Economy Commands [rsd8]
9. Admin Commands [rsd9]

A. Chest Protection [cprt]
For the purposes of this list I will just use the word chest but all of these can be protected:
• Chests
• Dispensers
• Furnaces
• Doors
• Signs
• Trap doors

The basic interface of this mod is punching (left clicking). You type the command then punch your chest. (left click).

1. Mod Website [cprt1]

Bukkit Mod Download 1
Bukkit Mod Download 2
Command List

2. Protection Commands [cprt2]

/cpublic – Public protection means anybody can use the chest but nobody can make it private.
Example: /cpublic

/cprivate – Make something private, only you and those you allow can access it. This is automatic on our server
Example: /cprivate
Example: /cprivate @XTFOX - Now XTFOX can acces your chest
Example: /cprivate –XTFOX - Now XTFOX can not access your chest
The @ symbol is used to add people and the – symbol is used to remove people. *1

/cmodify – Modify existing protection
Example: /cmodify
Example: /cmodify @XTFOX - Now XTFOX can acces your chest
Example: /cmodify –XTFOX - Now XTFOX can not access your chest
The @ symbol is used to add people and the – symbol is used to remove people. *1

/cremove – Removes protection
Example: /cremove

/cpassword – Add a password to your chest *2
Example: /cpassword <password>

/cunlock – Unlocks a password protected chest *2
Example: /cunlock <password>

/cinfo – Provides info about a chests protection
Example: /info

/climits – View the protection permission you have
Example: /climits

1. People cannot steal your chests if you give them access. They can give others acces though.
2. To password a chest you have to use /cremove first then use /cpassword because all chests default to private

3. Mode Commands [cprt3]

/lwc mode – Sets a mode

a. Persistent mode [cprtP]
Persistent mode will let you perform your last command on multiple blocks. This works until you turn it off.

/lwc mode persist on - turns on persist mode.
/lwc mode persist off - turns off persist mode.

b. Droptransfer mode [cprtD]
Droptransfer mode makes dropped items automatically go to a designated chest and works at any distance. Its a long distance transfer. *1

/lwc mode droptransfer select - Select the chest drops go to.

/lwc mode droptransfer on - Enable the droptransfer.
/lwc mode droptransfer off - Disable the droptransfer.

/lwc mode droptransfer status - Display the status of the droptransfer.

1. This is slightly buggy, but no items are lost.

4. Flag Commands [cprt4]

/lwc menu - The basic version of the menu displays basic commands like /cprivate and /cinfo. The advanced version lets you see more info and detailed commands. *1
Example: /lwc menu basic
Example: /lwc menu advanced

/lwc flag – Basic command to change all flags.

a. Flag List [cprtF]

Redstone – Allow redstone to open doors
Magnet – no clue
Exemption – no clue
Autoclose – no clue
Allowexplosions – self explanatory

/lwc flag redstone on
/lwc flag redstone off
/lwc flag autoclose on

1. /lwc menu - this command doesn’t work currently.

5. Command Aliases [cprt5]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=291]

6. Admin Commands [cprt6]

/lwc admin view - View a protected inventory as if you were standing beside it using the protection's id.

/lwc admin find - View all protections created by a player.

/lwc admin foreceowner - Change the owner of a protection.

/lwc admin remove - Remove a protection by using its id.

/lwc admin purge - Remove all protections by a player.

/lwc admin cleanup - Attempt to cleanup the database.

/lwc admin version - View the loaded LWC version and the latest available.

/lwc admin update - Update to the latest version of LWC.

/lwc admin report - View the LWC performance report.

/lwc admin convert - Convert another plugin's database to LWC.

/lwc admin clear - Either removes all protections or all permissions from the protections.

B. Residences [rsd]
Residences are a system to protect what you've built without having to bother an admin. It prevent anybody you don't want from building on your territory. On this server you use money to buy residences (at $.05 per block)

1. Mod Website [rsd1]

Bukkit Mod Download
Command List
Flag List

2. General Commands [rsd2]

/res ? <pagenumber> - This displays the help menu. Typing a number at the end moves to a different page. Defaults to page 1.
Example: /res ? 1 - Page 1 of the Help Menu
Example: /res ? 2 - Page 2 of the Help Menu

/resadmin - use this instead of /res whenever you want to run something as admin.

A. Tag Explanation [rsdT]

<residence> - the name of the residence you want to edit.
<player> - the name of the player you want the changes to effect
<group> - the name of the group you want the changes to effect
<flag> - the flag you want to use.
<true/false/remove> - either true or false. This turns a flag on and off. False=off, True=on.
  • TRUE = will be allowed to happen e.g. if fire is true, fire can spread. If build is true, players can build.
  • FALSE = will not be allowed to happen e.g. if pvp is false, players can't hurt each other.
  • REMOVE = will remove the flag from the residence or player.

3. Selection Commands [rsd3]

/res select [x y z] - Select a cuboid area to protect, using either the selection tool (wooden axe by default) or specifying X, Y, and Z as a distance on those axes from the center point where you are standing.
Example: /res select 10 5 10 - This would select an area 21 wide x 11 high x 21 long.

/res select chunk - Select a whole chunk for protection.

/res select expand [amount] - Expand selection in direction your looking.

/res select size - Shows how big your current selection is and how much it will cost.

/res select shift [amount] - Shift selection in direction your looking.

/res select vert - Expands current selection from bedrock to the sky

/res select worldedit - use an area defined by WorldEdit

4. Creation Commands [rsd4]

/res area [add/remove/replace] <residence> [areaID] - Add or remove areas to the residence. These can overlap with areas of the same residence.

/res create [ResidenceName] - create a residence

/res remove [ResidenceName] - remove a residence

/res removeall - remove all your residences (since 2.3.3)

/res subzone <ResidenceName> [SubZoneName] - create a subzone in
your residence. You must be the owner to do this.

5. Info Commands [rsd5]

/res area list [residence] - list areas within a residence

/res area listall [residence] - list areas and their coordinates for a residence

/res current - show residence you're currently in (since 2.3.3)

/res info <ResidenceName> - get info on a residence, leave off
<ResidenceName> to view info on the one your standing in.

/res list - list residences you own

/res listall - list all residences

/res limits - list all important limitations

/res sublist - list all subzones in current residence (since 2.3.3)

/res version - list plugin version information

6. Flag Commands [rsd6]

/res gset <ResidenceName> [GroupName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different groups

/res lset <ResidenceName> [blacklist/ignorelist] [material] - add/remove a material from the residence's blacklist / ignorelist.

/res lset <ResidenceName> info - list the Residence's blacklist/ignorelist settings.

/res pset <ResidenceName> [PlayerName] [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on different players

/res set <ResidenceName> [flag] [true/false/remove] - set flags on residences.

----a. Flag List [rsdF]

Allows or disallows player to set flags on the Residence. True = allowed, false = disallowed. Defaults to false.
Can only be given to a player and not set as a residence flag.

Controls animals spawning. True = allows spawning, false = prevents spawning. Includes external commands such as /spawnmob.
Animals include: Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Wolf.

Controls use of bucket. True = allows use, false = prevents use.

<build >
Controls building permission (placing and breaking). True = allows building, false = prevents building.

Controls ability to access anything with an inventory: chests, dispensers, furnaces. True = allows access, false = prevents access.

Controls creeper explosions. True = creepers explode and damage as normal, false = creepers do no damage to players or blocks.
Does not prevent creepers spawning.

Controls all damage to players in the Residence. True = damage occurs as normal, false = prevents all damage.
Does not stop block damage.

Controls ability to break blocks. True = allows block breaking, false = prevents block breaking.
Overrides 'build'.

Controls fire spread. True = allows firespread, false = prevents firespread.

Controls whether or not liquid flows are allowed. True = allows, false = disallows.
Is overridden by 'lavaflow' and 'waterflow'.

Controls if the zone heals people. True = heals at half a heart per second, false = normal server rules.

Controls fire ignition. True = allows ignition, false = prevents ignition.

Controls whether lava can flow. True = lava flows normally, false = lava does not flow from source block.
Overrides 'flow'.

Controls monsters spawning. True = allows spawning, false = prevents spawning. Includes external commands such as /spawnmob.
Monsters include: Creeper, Giant, Monster (Human mob/Steve), Skeleton, Spider, (Pig)Zombie.

Controls whether player/group can move inside the residence. True = normal movement, false = denies entry.

Controls use of pistons. True = pistons operate normally, false = pistons do not change state. Does not control placing or breaking pistons.

Controls ability to place blocks. True = allows block placing, false = prevents block placing.
Overrides 'build'.

Controls PVP. True = designates PVP arena, false = players cannot attack other players or tamed wolves in the residence.

Controls ability to make subzones. True = allowed, false = disallowed. Defaults to false.
If set on a residence, allows or disallows subzones of the residence.

Controls TNT explosions. True = TNT explodes and damages as normal, false = TNT does no damage to players or blocks.
Does not prevent TNT placing or breaking.

Early "Macro" flag that adds a player with build, container, move, tp, and use.

Controls teleportation in the residence. True = allows teleports, false = prevents teleports.

Controls ability to use/access objects in the residence. True = normal server rules, false = denies usage.
This includes doors, chests, furnaces, dispensers, levers etc. Overrides 'container' if applicable.

Controls whether water can flow. True = water flows normally, false = water does not flow from source block. Overrides 'flow'.

7. Utility Commands [rsd7]

/res default [residence] - Restores residence to default flags.

/res give [residence] [player] - Gives residence to another player. Player must be online and you have to own the residence.

/res lists - Predefined residence permission lists, do '/res lists' for details.

/res message [residence] [enter/leave] [message] - sets a enter or leave area message. You can ommit <residence> to use the one your standing in.

/res message [residence] remove [enter/leave] - removes a enter or leave message.

/res mirror [source] [target] - mirrors permissions from one residence to another. You must be owner of both to do this.

/res rename - [OldName] [NewName] Rename a residence. For subzones, OldName must the the full name(parent.subzone), while NewName is only the new name.

/res renamearea [residence] [OldName] [NewName] - Rename a physical area attached to a residence.

/res tp [residence] - teleport to a location

/res tpset - set the teleport location in your residence.

/res unstuck - moves you outside the protected area your in

8. Market/Economy Commands [rsd8]

/res lease [renew/cost] [residence] - renew / show cost of renewing a residence. Cost only applies if using iConomy.

/res market list - view the list of residences for sale

/res market info [residence] - view info on a residence for sale.

/res market sell [residence] [amount] - put up a residence for sale.

/res market unsell [residence] - stop selling a residence.

/res market buy [residence] - buy a residence.

/res market rentable [residence] [cost] [days] <repeat:t/f> - Make a residence rentable for [days] number of days at a time, at [cost] for that time period. If <repeat:t>, the residence will be rentable again automatically at the expire of the current renter.

/res market rent [residence] <repeat:t/f> - rent a residence, if repeat is true the residence will be re-rented upon expire automatically as long as the owner has <repeat:t> for the rentable.

/res market release [residence] - remove a residence from rent or rentable status.

9. Admin Commands [rsd9]

/resadmin lease set [residence] [#days/infinite] - sets a lease on a residence to expire in # days or to never expire.

/resadmin removeall [player] - remove all residences owned by a player

/resadmin setowner [residence] [player] - changed a residences owner.

/resadmin server [residence] - set a Residence to server owned.

/resload - Loads the residence plugin. *NOTE* Any changes in res.yml will not be overwritten. Use this setting if you recently added/changed res.yml and want to push the changes to the server.

/rereload - Reloads the residence plugin. *NOTE* Will overwrite any changes in the res.yml to the settings originally loaded with the plugin/server. Do not use if you added/changed anything in res.yml. Use

/resload instead.

/resworld remove [world] - Removes every residence in a world. *NOTE* Be careful with this! This will remove all residences saved in the specified world. This cannot be undone.

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RE: Plugin Command Archive
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cool, didn't know we had all that Big Grin
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RE: Plugin Command Archive
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I didnt either
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RE: Plugin Command Archive
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....thats alot more commands than i thought we had O.o

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