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MineEarthSMP - Survival|iConomy|1.9|Creative|Minigames|McMMO
04-16-2016, 06:49 AM,
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MineEarthSMP - Survival|iConomy|1.9|Creative|Minigames|McMMO
JulzC Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
We are a based Survival server with so many fun things! You are free to take foods from /warp foods, Playing minigames with friends in /warp minigames, and You can take up to 3 Plots in our /warp creative! We also have MobBounty and Economy! Mcmmo, and Skull plugin! Our staffs are kind and very honest to help 
We are looking for you to join us! Server IP: Minearthsmp.eu
Website/Forum:  We are looking for you to join us! Server IP: Minearthsmp.eu Website/Forum: Here! Click Me!]Here! Click Me Big Grin!

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