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Why haven't people heard about this place?
08-17-2016, 11:15 PM,
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RE: Why haven't people heard about this place?
skeight Offline Administrator View worlds
It's great to see a post like this.  Thanks for sharing your feedback everyone, it brought a smile to my face to read this.

First off, Nathangorr has been a *HUGE* help to the site and you need to give him a big thanks that the forums are as clean as they are and issues are resolved in a timely fashion as he gets in touch with me when things stop working.

This site was created out of frustration.  Frustration with downloading what seemed like amazing Minecraft worlds only to be disappointed that it wasn't what it appeared to be.  I wanted to preview the world before I downloaded it and loaded up Minecraft to start playing.  My goal was that simple.

This site was/is entirely developed by me and I don't have a large staff or tons of resources to maintain it as much as I'd like.  Daily life - kids, family, friends - the *real* important things in life take up a lot of my time and I put high importance on these personal relationships.  Beyond that, work, chores, renovations to the house, travel, etc are a constant battle for my time.

The site has good traffic and is sustaining itself through advertising revenue and donations to keep the servers up and running while allowing me to put a little aside to expand the capacity when needed.

I have an endless list of great features that I would love to add and will continue to add as time progresses.  Time is scarce but I will continue to keep things running and add new features.  

Stay Tuned! Lots planned in the coming months as I continue to roll-out the new Blockview which will include some upgrades to the existing map rendering system as well.

Thanks again for the great feedback and I'm glad you're finding the site useful!
01-17-2017, 05:01 AM,
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RE: Why haven't people heard about this place?
QMD_one Offline Premium View worlds
I may be late to the party but I wanted to say many thanks for this great tool you have provided to us. It really is of great use for planning ahead the development of large projects.
The render is faultless and quick and I'm always happy to look at the beautiful creations of the users with this birds view.

Many thanks and keep the good work |^_^)=b
03-14-2017, 08:49 PM,
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RE: Why haven't people heard about this place?
cnorgren Offline Premium View worlds
I am just like QMD_one  haha late to the party. I agree with him though and do greatly appreciate this site and what you guys provide. Alleron City would not have expanded to the massive size it is with out MC World Map giving me a birds eye view on whats happening and changing. Also the support has been awesome, I ran into a few render issues last june and Nathangorr tried to resolve them best he could, we eventually worked it out haha
So thanks guys for hosting this site!

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