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Pointers for users that have interest in being an Admin!!!
03-29-2013, 09:47 AM,
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Information  Pointers for users that have interest in being an Admin!!!
Osiris08 Offline Diamond Admin View worlds
Being an Admin on any server is a LOT of work. In this I will list pointers, reasons to want to be an Admin, and reasons to not want to be an Admin.

As Admins we are the face of this server. If people don't like the Admins, likely, they won't like the server. So we have to be very avid users, and spend as much time as we can (both on the server and on the forums) helping new users, as well as veteran users.

As an Admin on a server really, I sometimes find it hard to work on personal projects (such as mining, building a house, or building a farm). It is a very demanding job. When users need help it is very important NOT to ignore them. But don't get me wrong. I find it fun to help people out. I get quickly bored of just mining and building. And that is key. In order to be a good admin you have to enjoy helping people.

One big thing that I find myself struggling with at times is patience. So many times I have someone ask me how to do something, such as how to create a residence. I can explain it to them several times, and still, they will ask me again. At times it can get annoying, but I am OK with that.

In conclusion, there are three key indigence for being a good administrator. You have to be friendly. You have to be helpful. And you have to be patient.

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