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Server Search assistance plz
02-02-2017, 08:11 PM,
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Question  Server Search assistance plz
NikTheKid888 Offline Member View worlds
i have only been playing on a tekkit classic server and i regrettably bought a package upgrade so i could use swiftwolfs rending gale and equip the special red matter tools and armor. but then i found that welll i'm OP too early i have the best weapons a good 2 floor house i dont need these build craft machinnes like nuclear reactors or macerators and there are no server mini games so i cant cooperate with friends or compete against friends. 
trouble being is i want a server to have a large potion of my choice bases covered the bases being
  -i dont know all the games i want but i do know a few those being
    -factions, survival/hunger games, skyblock, spleef/tnt spleef, cops & robbers if possible (but i would like to try out other games)
 not too intense rules  like allowed minor swearing/cursing like crap (i once tried referencing a you tuber YoshiToMario but well the spelling contained the curse)
 possible griefer protection
 No membership requirements (like you cant use elytra unless you have bought a membership upgrade)
Staff (believe me i've been scapegoated a lot in my life i don't want to on a server i like)
Not heavily populated (200 capacity is fine but i would like to have like at max 50 people online including self)
the main thing is it has to be a modern vanilla server like 1.11.1 or 1.11.2 

please suggest other server minigames and the server name in the comments 
p.s you can link the servers but they have to be posted on this the MinecraftWorldMap site

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