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Bioshock 4: Geoshock!
07-13-2018, 12:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2018, 12:43 PM by jorystultz42.)
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Bioshock 4: Geoshock!
jorystultz42 Offline Wood Chopper View worlds
[Image: cooltext292355039362529.png]
[Image: cooltext292356127999873.png]
...Is the next story in the Shock Series, tying System Shock and Bioshock together through a classic tale of horror. This map pays homage to all the games in the Shock Series through gameplay dynamics and story elements. I'm a huge fan of Ken Levine's series and wanted to make a new city with new characters that echoed the originals.

Watch trailer here!

[Image: cooltext292355093563795.png]
Welcome to Igneous... A sprawling city hidden beneath a vast desert run by a mysterious geothermal power source that gives the residents of the city unique and dangerous abilities.

You play as Daniel Page, a news reporter on a business trip, the details of the job are vague, but the pay is good. Youre traveling by train and decide to get some sleep until you reach your destination, but are awoken by a loud crash. You wake up surrounded by fire. The train derailed and you somehow miraculously survived. The conductor and other passengers are are all dead. Oddly enough the train crashed in front of a strange structure. A lone lighthouse. You find it strange seeing a light house in the middle of the desert, but decide to look for help inside. 

You find the place empty except for a dead body and a large elevator looking over what appeared to be a bottomless shaft punched strait into the earth. Desperate for help you push the button and descend into the city...

All Mods are Included in Download:

-Architecture Craft 
-Atelier Canvas 
-Better Foliage 
-Better FPS 
-Bioshock Mod 
-Build Craft 
-Custom NPC'S 
-Dynamic Transport 
-Exotic Birds 
-Gollum Core 
-Grim3212 Core 
-Instant Massive Structures 
-Jammy Furniture 
-Lunatrious Core 
-Malisis Doors 
-Malisis Core 
-More Pistons 
-Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod 
-Particle in a Box 
-Penny Arcade 
-Placeable Items 
-Planetguy Lib 
-Secret Rooms 
-Security Craft
-ShetiPhian Core 
-Vanilla Teleporter 
-Wallpaper Mod 
-Your Records 

All resource packs included in download.

-Custom Record Sounds 
-Ozzy's Deep Sea Deco 
-Pixel Reality Luminance


Game now contains Bioshock gameplay dynamics including the following additions:

[Image: Plasmid_Dispenser.png]

Plasmid Vendor - Similar to a Gatherer's Garden, this vending machine contains plasmid upgrades. These upgrades were originally intended to optimize and prolong mining and drilling productivity, but it backfired when the workers began to use them on each other.

[Image: 2018_06_25_15_01_23.png]
Stim-Station - Sharing the same function as the Vita Chamber, the Stim Station will restore you whenever you die in combat. You will spawn in the Stim Station closest to you. 

[Image: alpha_guardians.png]
Alpha Guardian - The Alpha Guardians, much like the Big Daddy's of Rapture, serve as protectors. Instead of Little Sisters, these metal brutes protect the city and maintain it's infrastructure. You'll have to pick your fights carefully with the Alpha Guardians, because their attacks are extremely powerful! They carry items you'll need to progress so taking them down will be your only choice.

[Image: photojoiner_image.png]
Circus of Values - The Circus of Values needs no introduction. The iconic vending machine is 100% useable and even has the audio from the first game. 

[Image: In_Shot_20180708_163947063.jpg]
Engineers Skyhook - Courtesy of the amazing Immersive Engineering mod by Damien Hazard. Use the skyhook to evade enemies during a scrap, reach higher levels or for mele combat.

[Image: 2018_07_08_15_52_43.png]
Phones- Fully voice acted characters will talk to you through various phones throughout the city. They will help move the story forward and give life to the narrative. 

[Image: cooltext292383205344866.png]

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