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Thu, Jun 30, 2016 since last update
Texture Pack works wonderfully in 1.8, not in 1.9 nor 1.10
The Main City is Saint Pierre, a NYC based city that makes this city beautiful, it includes Subway System, Apartments, Parks, Office Buildings, Brooklyn Bridge.

Resource Pack:

Updated Frecuently

This Uptdate: (8th August, 2016)
Ended the terminal of metro lines 4 and 2, the Port Brothers Stations, with a big entrance, a bus station, train storage area and a train workshop.


The areas:
Saint Pierre (Navassa) - Manhattan (New York)
Townledge (Townledge) - Brooklyn (Kings)
Queenton (Queenton) - Queens (Queens)
The Brothers (Brothers) - Bronx (Bronxs)
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Fri, Sep 09, 2016 since last update
A city situated next to a magnificent lagoon. Surrounded by dark oak forest and plain. It's far from done and I'll hopefully post updates regularly. In the mean time, I hope you like it!

Update: added a few new buildings in both the modern as the old part of town.

Update #2: added some buildings in the big town, started a smaller town up in the mountains, and started a modern themed town in the plains (very much unfinished)

Download: After quite a while i've resumed work on this map again!
I've added:
- A new town called "Portsmouth", located north-east of the city. This one contains a little park, some houses and a church. The theme is British.
- A new bridge across the river in the city and a small castle across it.
- Some new houses.
- New skyscraper, tallest in town
- Construction of a huge thing started out of town.
One building was also removed, But that area is not under my own development so I don't quite know why...

Hope you will enjoy this map!

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Mon, Jun 13, 2016 since last update
No McEdit or World Edit, pure vanilla creative. Made for fun over 2 years. (Better Run in 1.10). I will try to update monthly.
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Sun, Jun 26, 2016 since last update
Includes: Medium sized mansion, Village nearby, a bunch of Tall skyscrapers, and a train station.
V 1.0 Large mansion and and two skysrcapers
V 1.1 Added a green skyscraper
V 1.2 Added 3 more skyscrapers and a tall building.
v 1.3 Added 2 buildings, a slanted one and a tall purple one
v 1.5 a bunch of skyscrapers!
v 1.6 added G.P.F. Headquarters
v 1.7 added validity-time headquarters tower 100 and a hotel
v 1.8 added validity-time HQ tower 200, 300, and 400
v 1.9 added P.R.M. Tower
v 1.9.1 prm sign on P.R.M. Tower
v 1.10 added building looks like word trade center :/
v 1.11 added a superskyscraper-skyrimm tower and the patrolbit building
v 1.12 added golden fulcrum 157 twin towers and the matyr
v 1.13 added bunch of new skyscrapers (:
v 1.13.1 added mini builds for skyscrapers that should be built
v 1.14 added train station-vibez central station
v 1.14.1 train station atrium and extension
v 1.14.2 tweaked stuff
v 1.15 added ocean monument and large twin towers
v 1.16 added march 28th memorial added a vibez tower which is massive and tweaks
v 1.16.1 SMalL StuFf yEAh
v 1.17 bunch o' new skyscrapers
v 1.18 edited maps and added more skyscrapers
v 1.19 added a red sandstone version of vibez central station - rodroy
v 1.19.1 Rodroy building Fixed
v 1.19.2 made rodroy building better
v 1.20 added fort quinkwerly landmark
v 1.21 fort Q edits and a new skyscraper

that's it so far...

my username in minecraft its Finlays_chuchuk
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